Sunday, 21 July 2013

Charity begins at the tax office

In the Uk papers today there's a report that compares the charitable giving habits of people of different religions.  Moslems come out top with a bit over 300 pounds a year and atheists come out 'meanest' with only £100 a year.  Thumbs up for the believers you could say....  but what it desn't say is what do we mean by charity - what's included? The whole concept of the welfare state is to give a share of your income to supprt those in need - whether the sick, the young, the old or the jobless.  The amount we pay in taxes far exceeds the small sums the survey is talking about for charitable giving.  Apart from salving your moral (and spiritual) compass do the sums mentioned in the survey really make a difference? 

Well yes, if you are one of the charities that relies on generosity over and above your tax duty for a cause the government doesn't feel responsible for - from hospices to cmpaigners for or collective rights.  Things are tight for many people all the more reason to ig deeper into your pockets.....