Monday, 2 February 2009

Media Boycott

It started with a blog.... Svensk Mydighetskontroll who propose a three week media boycott as a protest against IPRED and the media industry. The proposition is simple. For three weeks from the 9th of February avoid purchases that support the media industry.
  • No purchases of CD's.
  • No purchases of films.
  • No purchases of computer games.
  • No visits to movie theaters.
  • No movie rentals.

As I've said in other posts, I think that the media industry abuses it's monopoly - and copyright 'crime' is in no way justification for the private power to violate the privacy of communication that IPRED implies. As for denying people access to the internet because they are filesharing... c'mon. Who thought that one up?

Anyway.. if you've made it this far reading this, I hope you're going to support and publicise this small step in showing that what the media industry wants is out of step with what is right for consumers...

Now of course also on Facebook..

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