Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Talking privacy in person - How worried should we be?

If you're in the UK you can take the opportunity to catch these seminars on privacy....

First, Cory Doctorow is talking about privacy at the Battle of Ideas in London on Saturday - trying to answer the question "How worried should we be?"

That's 'Rethinking Privacy in an age of Disclosure and Sharing'
on Saturday 31 October, 1.30pm until 3.00pm, Upper Gulbenkian Gallery

Then, a little further down the line, the Open Rights Group is organising a talk by cryptographer, technologist and author Bruce Schneier on the title of:  'The Future of Privacy: Rethinking Security Trade-offs' 
on Friday 4 December 2009 at  18:30.  St Albans Centre, 18 Brooke St, London
That looks like two interesting topics....  Can't someone get those onto Youtube???

Piratpartiet & The Pirate Party -  Putting privacy first.

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