Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Internet enforcement under ACTA

Michael Geist blogs on the details of the latest chapter of ACTA under debate in Korea.  His top level take:

"it is clear that there is no bigger IP issue today than the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement being negotiated behind closed doors this week in Korea."

  • Covers enforcement of intellectual property
  • Eliminates sovereign choice of domestic copyright policy
    • making Canada's recent copyright consultation a little pointless
  • Focuses on copyright, not counterfeiting
  • Goes beyond the terms of WIPO
Measures in the text include
  • Third party liability for copyright infringement
  • Restrictions on carriers limitation of 3rd party liability for infringement
  • Termination of subscriptions
  • Notice & takedown to become a requirement
  • Anti-circumvention legislation with ban on DRM circumvention
  • Rights management
  • statutory damages
  • search and seizure powers for border guards
  • anti camcording rules
  • mandatory disclosure of personal information

Cory Doctorow gives his take on it all here....

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Christoffer Willenfort said...

This could be the explination to why the council of ministers are admant against 138 in the telecoms package.

It would meen renegotiating ACTA and puss of the USA

Edward E said...

Clearly if you want to push through a secret trade agreement on copyright enforcement it would be inconvenient (and a little stupid)to put in place legislation that makes that more difficult.
It seems unlkely that the two are unrelated.

Read HAX on the same topic.