Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The right of the people to be secure... against unreasonable searches and seizures,

Keeping on the subject of the European Court of Human Rights decision on the powers to stop and search under the UKs Terrorism Act 2000 the Heresiarch has a superb piece on why the Act isn't in any way fit for purpose.  The statistics he gives are scary...  100 000 searches a year or more...  and not a single terrorist related charge.  ..just a well oiled machine for intruding on people minding their own business.  Search without probable cause...  means you're probably not going to find anything doesn't it?

Curiously enough powers of random search were just one of the things that sparked discontent in the colonies across the pond way back when, prompting the American Fourth Amendment. Is it so hard to remember the lessons of history?

We've not learnt much in two hundred years have we?

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