Saturday, 4 April 2009

Democracy is dead - a French farce

"France is to press ahead with its campaign to bar surfers who download files illegally from accessing their broadband accounts. Under new laws which were introduced by Culture Minister Christine Albanel, a new state agency to be called the High Authority for Copyright Protection and Dissemination of Works on the Internet, or Hadopi, will be set up to track pirates.

The anti-piracy agency was introduced as part of a new raft of legislation designed to encourage responsible use of the internet."

The French National assembly passed the so called Hadopi legislation by 12 votes to 4. Breaking with conventional procedure the vote was taken without prior notification at the end of the debate on thursday - at 22:45 at night..... when most of the 577 delegates to the assembly had already gone home. That's democracy?!?

Maybe they should be looking into responsible use of the legislature instead???

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