Tuesday, 28 April 2009

In defence of privacy...

If you've been following things you'll know that Bahnhof - a Swedish broadband operator - have declared that they will be deleting information on customers IP addresses. Yesterday Tele2 followed suit citing customer demand as their reason - although they have a legal obligation to not store personal information longer than is necessary (which other operators don't seem to have noticed).

Peter Danowski - a representative for the media lobby organisation IFPI - sees it as being motivated by filesharing traffic being a large income source for operators (He's obviously never heard of fixed rate tariffs). However in a further comment which has raised some eyebrows here he is reported as saying that if the operators don't toe the line then parliament will have to introduce tougher laws.. which kind of begs the question of who is running parliament these days?

Sadly with EU laws in the pipeline to register all telecom traffic there isn't actually an if in his statement - which makes the Tele2 position only a temporary victory in the fight to retain privacy for the individual. More's the pity.

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