Friday, 28 August 2009

Pirate Party ... it's official

While I've been off sailing the high seas, the Pirate Party have been taking big steps forward in getting the Pirate agenda on the map in the UK. In case you've forgotten that's:

  • Reform of copyright and patent law. To legalise non-commercial file sharing and reduce the excessive length of copyright protection, and to ensure that when creative works are sold, it's the artists who benefit, not monopoly rights holders. We want a patent system that doesn't stifle innovation or make life saving drugs so expensive that patients die.
  • To end the excessive surveillance, profiling, tracking and monitoring of innocent people by Government and big businesses.
  • To ensure that everyone has real freedom of speech and real freedom to enjoy and participate in our shared culture.

So what's new?

From the top...

  • The Pirate Party is now just that - a registered political party.
  • ...with elected officials...
  • ..and a leader, Andrew Robinson
  • that you can join
  • The Pirate Party is also getting into the news... including this article in the Telegraph and this nice one in the Guardian
  • PPUK is also on Facebook. (Yesterday the group passed the 5000 mark) .
  • ...and Twitter

If you are interested in fairer copyright, the right to privacy and want to halt the march of the surveillance society then check out the homepage and get involved....


..or one of the other International Pirate organisations near you.

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