Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Censorship on the loose in Oz

While the snow lies thick and even here... things are getting hot down in Australia. John Lilburne writes about new plans for net censorship which will force ISPs to blacklist sites.  As Electronic Frontiers Australia puts it, Australia is "gaining a reputation as the Iran of the South Pacific".

This took a new turn on Friday when a satirical site set up in the name of Australia's broadband minister Stephen Conroy has been taken down at three hours notice for not following Australia's domain name rules. This has led to allegations of a political motive for the take down and complaints that the domain name rules are being used to stifle political comment on net censorship and of the Australian government's policy to restrict freedom of communication.

Needless to say...  the affected site can now be found on a new domain while they fight to get their domain back....

Who is deciding what you surf?  Say NO to network censorship.

Piratpartiet and The Pirate Party -  Putting privacy first.

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