Thursday, 3 December 2009

Kill Bill: Stopping the Digital Economy Bill

You must have heard about the Digital Economy Bill...   the UK government's proposals for regulating the Internet.  It's been widely criticised - particularly for continuing to promote the governments line on excluding users from the Internet and for obscene new powers for ministers to make up copyright enforcement as they go along.  The leaders in the digital economy are firmly against it - including both ISPs and industry heavyweights like Google, Yahoo and eBay. The EFF describes in no uncertain terms that this bill will fetter the digital economy and stifle innovation.

Don't like it?  Then don't accept it.  Here's some simple steps to take to help stop this unacceptable legislation.
  • Write to your MP ... or visit them.  Tell them in simple terms why this is a BAD proposal.
  • Write to a Lord.  The bill has to pass the Lords.  Yesterday was the second reading but it will be back.  Details here from the Open Rights group.  Note - choose one of the Lords listed as a speaker in the debate (listed in the comments)
  • Join the Open Rights Group.  Strong membership (and financial support) help them to lobby on this and other digital rights issues.
  • Join the Pirate Party.  Britains only political party dedicated to protecting users rights on the Internet and creating a forward looking digital economy.  Becoming a pirate shows that the digital economy matters to voters - and there is an election coming up.
  • Sign the petition against the bill at  (now almost 29 000 signatures)
  • Join the Facebook group - I won’t vote for any MP who supports Mandelson’s Digital Economy Bill -and remember to tell your MP!
  • Blog about it...
  • Make sure all your friends do too  (all of the above!)
Don't sit back and let them...  Do something.  and do it now!

More on the DEB:
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Piratpartiet and The Pirate Party -  Working for copyright reform.

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