Sunday, 22 January 2012

Falklands . Whose rock is it anyway?

The Falklands are back in the news again. More than 25 years have gone since Margaret Thatcher saved her government with a gungho war in the South Atlantic.

Now, once again Argentina are pursuing their claim to sovereignty. Nationalism is being stoked again to lay claim to a few small islands that for twenty years or so were part of the young Argentina.

That they want them back, and that Britain wants to keep them is no surprise.  With the islands come undersea oil, and a claim to a slice of Antarctica.

Who did what 180 years ago seems a bit irrelevant... particularly as I hold that primitive view of land that it's really the people that belong to the land rather than the opposite.  The islanders are for better or worse the people that should decide.   ... And two nations greed for resources really shouldn't be a factor in making a choice. Should it?

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