Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Sharing is caring, Ideas are divine

I guess you may have seen that kopimism (Copy me ism) is now a recognised religion here in Sweden. 

The basic tenet seems to be that to share knowledge is sacred, and no surprise then that the church's 3000+ members see file sharing as a good thing. Now you may think that sharing knowledge is a strange thing to revere, but is it?  Is it more strange than believing in an all-seeing non-corporeal immortal that sits on a cloud casting thunderbolts?

If you want to think of something intangible and invisible that can live for ever and have huge influence over our lives what have you got?

An idea.

While you can debate the existence of god the idea of god clearly exists and has clearly had huge influence on mankind over innumerable centuries. Immortal. All powerful.


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