Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Ephone & IPRED: the customer is always right

Swedish ISP Ephone has announced that it will appeal the decision that it must release IP address details for alleged illegal filesharing using their service. The case is the first introduced under controversial IPRED legislation allowing the industry access to information about filesharers.

Ephone have argued that the evidence presented is insufficient to say a crime has been committed. This case is doubly interesting as the alleged offence took place on a password protected server (i.e. a site with limited access) and it's not clear how the publishers have gained access to gain evidence - unauthorised access to the server as I understand it would in itself be an offence.

Before deciding to appeal Ephone set up a webpoll asking visitors to their website to vote on whether they should or sould not appeal the original verdict. 99% side "Yes".

The story continues.....

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