Monday, 13 July 2009

Tell it how it is - bankers on the web

The Guardian reports today under the title 'Twitter is not for teens' on a report by Morgan Stanley on internet usage by teens. What makes it diferent is the report is witten by a 15 year old 'intern' at the bank.

The report:
  • dismisses Twitter
  • says online advertising is pointless
  • teenagers are using more and more media, but are not willing to pay for it
  • most teenagers have signed up for Twitter, but aren't going to use it -'they realise that no-one is viewing their profile so their tweets are pointless'.
  • no teenager reads newspapers regularly
  • and they are put off by intrusive advertising so they prefer listening to advert-free music on websites such as ..
  • advertising is seen as extremely annoying and pointless.
  • most teens have never bought a CD

And so it goes on.

I guess at the bottom this is anecdotal evidence from a small sub-sector of the teen generation - but it is clear that how young people see the online world is not how most politicians and industry leaders would like to have the world. It is perhaps a sign of the times that investment bankers are now telling their clients that things ain't like they used to be....

But really this shouldn't be a suprise.. this is exactly what the Piratpartiet has been saying for some time.

Links: The Pirate Party, Piratpartiet

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