Friday, 17 July 2009

We know who your friends are...

Two recent posts about Facebook caught my eye - two which any Facebook user ought to be interested to read. The first is another post from Michael Geist, reporting that Facebook has been found in violation of Canada's privacy code.
Facebook is great... But as every user needs to understand, it can give away lots of information about your private life.

You might think it it only your friends that see your data so what's there is Ok. But consider that Canada's criticisms hinge mainly on controls over information that goes out to all those third party application providers... Who was it you gave perrmission to to read your profile data - do you really know?

We often don't think how 'innocent' information may be used. This second post, though anecdotal, shows that even just showing pubicly who your friends are may be just a little too much information in the wrong hands.... We know who your friends are...

Privacy matters.... Which is why The Pirate Party and Piratpartiet are campaigning to protect the individuals right to privacy.

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