Saturday, 19 September 2009

Blowing in the wind

After questioning whether Britain is a lost cause in the face of increasing surveillance and a hard handed approach to copyright enforcement, it seems that the wind of change is already in the air. Conservative MP Dominic Grieve has announced Tory party intentions for a range of measures to push back state surveillance. It has to be a move to be welcomed though there is some skepticism just how far reaching changes would be when the Tories have their hands on the reins of power.

There is an excellent article on the topic entitled 'Reasons to be Cheerful' over at Heresy Corner - who also links to this article in the Guardian on the rise of Libertarianism -  with poll figures that 79% think the state has too much of a say in their lives, and a scary report that in the UK 1 in 78 people had been subject to some kind of official eavesdropping last year.  It's not hard to think that change is already long overdue....

Take it away Ian.....

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