Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Lily Allen: Different views, different voices

Lily Allen has been vocal in pointing the finger at piracy and file sharing for times being tough for new artists... And she's had criticism for being a hypocrite in copying material to her blog without being clear that it's not her work.

...and now she has grabbed front page headlines by deciding to close her blog - citing too many abusive comments as a pricipal reason. I think it's a pity.

Shouting down the other side in the debate isn't winning the argument. Moreover, the role of non-commercial file sharing in the economics of the media industry is a matter of politics and economics. Unfounded personal attacks and name calling do nothing to take the debate forward and only serve to alienate.

Artists and songwriters have legitmate concerns over where the music industry is going. A channel to make their voice heard is a valuable contribution to the debate - and one that deserved to be met by reason, not rabble.

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