Friday, 11 September 2009

Three cheers for the postman

As an individual it's sometimes easy to think that doing my bit to cut waste and energy is irrelevant. It's so small, why should I bother? The simple fact is that if we share the responsibility and each make a contribution our collective effort is significant.

There is though a big chunk of our lives that we only have a limited control over - and that's what business does on our behalf. Shops, offices and fleets of lorries all busily burning energy to bring us the goods and services we use every day. These businesses polllute on our behalf a situation we have limited control over. We can make some choices but many parts of the social and commercial infrastructure we have no control over.

That's why it is great to read yesteray's news that the Royal Mail have signed up to the UK Governments 10:10 challenge - cutting emissions 10% in 2010. Any organisation that uses 35 million litres of diesel a year clearly has a lot of scope for improving it's environmental footprint - helping it's customers to a cleaner world, and no doubt saving themselves some money in the process.

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